Stuff we depend on as webmasters and web developers

(X)HTML [top]

Hypertext Markup Language

Apache [top]

The Apache webserver. Sorry, I don’t have any experience with IIS or any of the others.

Blogging [top]

Be a blogger. See the RSS section too.

Color [top]

Color schemes

  • Wellstyled Color scheme generator. Mono, Contrast, Triad, Pastel, Strong- lots of options. Gives you a 4-color scheme as output.
  • Visibone 216 web-safe colors with contrasting colors
  • Colorblender Match colors & design a palette
  • CPick Little Windows program to easily pick any color from your screen (with magnifier), then manipulat & ouput as you want. Scroll down & you’ll find it.
  • Colorblender Input 2 colors and get up to 10 colors blending the two. [Thanks Patrick C.]
  • Colortoy Input a base color and get a 9-color color scheme to choose from.
  • Yafla’s Color Tool Create color schemes and do RGB/HSV Conversion.
  • Color Palette Generator Input a photo and this tool analyzes the colors and suggests a color scheme

Content Management Systems [top]

Easily manage your content with these systems

CSS [top]

Cascading style sheets, separation of church and state- oh I mean separation of content and presentation.

Customer service / Support [top]

Providing support, customer service & help to your customers

  • OTRS Open Ticket Request System- built to accommodate support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, functions
  • RT Open source trouble ticket software from best practical. Popular. [Thanks Chris F.]

Design, Style & Useability [top]

Create usable sites for a modern age

DNS [top]

Domain name servers

Domains [top]

Domains, registration & transfers.

ECommerce [top]

Selling / buying things

  • OSCommerce Open-source eCommerce solution
  • VirtueMart Open-source
  • Zen Cart Open source shopping cart system
  • CRE Loaded Open source ecommerce package. Havn’t used it, but looks quite promising. [free and pay versions avail.]
  • Cube Cart eCommerce package, looks pretty popular. Free & paid versions available. Not open source. [Thanks ScurvyD]

Editors & IDEs [top]

Text editors, & integrated development environments for web development.

  • Textpad I use this powerful text editor several hours of every day. Has syntax hiliting & + [shareware]
  • Emacs FAQ
  • Editplus Text editer, Syntax hiliting, Commercial, Haven’t tried it
  • The Vim editor and its docs. Used by many. [vi improved]
  • BBEdit Awesome text editor with all you need for web dev. [Mac] [commercial]
  • Site Aid HTML Editor
  • Matrix Y2K Free HTML editor
  • Max’s HTML Beauty Full-featured HTML editor [free]
  • Notepad++ Full featured source code editor [free, Windows] [Thanks Ron E.]
  • PSPad Freeware text editor for Windows [Thanks Ron E.]
  • JSide JavaScript Editor/IDE. Written in Java.
  • NetBeans Open source Java IDE from Sun. [Win/Linux/Mac/Solaris]
  • NetBeans Javascript Editor Adds Javascript & CSS editors to the Netbeans IDE. Lots of features incl. code completion.
  • Aptana Open source Javascript, CSS & HTML IDE. [Win/Linux/Mac]
  • Notepad2 Another (free) text editor [Win]. I had seen this years ago, but thanks eSommer for remiding me.
  • HTML-Kit Create, edit, validate, preview and publish web pages and scripts. Free & paid versions available. [Win] [Thanks DonL.]
  • Crimson Editor Full featured, free programmer’s editor
  • tsWebEditor Free, open source editor for web programming languages.
  • Quanta Open source editor, full of features [Linux]

Firefox Extensions [top]

Firefox extensions that are helpful to webmasters

Fonts [top]

Forum Software [top]

Have a community

  • Vanilla Open-source standards-compliant discussion forum (Php/MySQL)
  • vBulletin

    Commercial, but one of the most popular forum packages (Php/MySQL)

  • PhpBB Open-source. Reputation for being buggy/insecure (Php/MySQL)
  • SMF Simple Machines Forum. Free, but not OS. (Php/MySQL)
  • IPB Invision Power Board – Commercial, but pretty popular (Php/MySQL)
  • Phorum Open-source, nice product (Php/MySQL)
  • bbPress Forum software from the makers of WordPress. [free]

Freelancing [top]

Find freelance programmers, designers, translators etc.

FTP / SSH / Telnet [top]

File transfer & server connections/control

  • Sitecopy Keep the remote site sync’ed with the local site (Win, LInux, FreeBSD, & others)
  • Smart FTP Easy Windows FTP client. [free for personal use]
  • PuTTY a Free Telnet/SSH Client
  • WinSCP free SFTP and SCP client [windows]
  • Beyond Compare Folder/file comparison. Local & remote. Includes FTP abilities. [commercial] (but awesome)
  • Filezilla Open source FTP client (and server too). [Thanks greguly]
  • Poderosa Tabbed terminal emulator for Windows. Nice. [Thanks Dave P.]

Google [top]

Google gets its own section

Graphics [top]

Tools for creating/manipulating images & sources for images

  • AjaxLoad Create an AJAX “loading” animated .gif
  • Favicon Chami’s online tool for creating favicons from other images
  • PhotoMatt On how to create a favicon
  • Dynamic Drive Favicon generator. They also have a button maker, a gradient image maker, and an image optimizer.
  • Corbis Royalty-free & commercial images (req. registration)
  • Image splitter Slice and dice your images
  • Image Embellisher Add special effects to your images (online tool)
  • Browsershots Test your webdesign in different browsers. Free screenshots/thumbnails of URLs.
  • Thumbshots Free, (with attribution) hosted thumbnails of your website. Sites to get thumbnails for must be in Dmoz
  • The GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program. Like Photoshop/Fireworks only better & free.
  • Imagemagick examples Examples, tutorials & basic how-to.
  • Imagemagick Command-line software suite to create, edit, compose and convert images to and from many formats.
  • iStockPhoto Good selection of reasonably priced graphics & stock photos. Commercial. [Thanks Mike C.]
  • Trout’s gif optimizer Pare down the size of all those gifs on your site. [freeware, Windows]
  • Yafla’s Pure jpeg A Command-line app to reduce jpg filesize by removing unnecessary information (EXIF, thumbnails, comments etc) [free, Win]

Hosting [top]

Got to have someplace to host. Of course there are hundreds of other hosting companies, but these are the best (subjective of course).

Javascript / AJAX [top]

Javascript is not Java, and the ubiquitous AJAX is Javascript.

JS WYSIWYG Editors [top]

Javascript editors to place on your pages or in your web app.

Mailing lists / Listserv [top]

Manage mailing lists & Listservs. The ones marked “Listserv” are for email discussions among many users, the others are for you to email to the list.

Maintenance [top]

Keep your site in tip-top shape

Mobile accessibility [top]

Stuff to help you make your site accessible to mobile (phone, pda etc) users

  • Mobi Ready Report Evaluates your site on accessibility issues for mobile browsing devices
  • Handheld media type test (CSS) Go to this in your browser and it will evaluate to “screen”, go on your phone/pda and it will evaluate (or should) to “handheld”
  • Phone emulator Test your site with a Nokia & Sony Ericsson phone emulator
  • Pukupi mimic Emulate your site on Japanese/European iMode phones.
  • Wapsilon Browse WAP pages with your regular browser.
  • Opera Mini Emulator This is a live demo of Opera Mini that functions exactly like it would when installed on a handset. [Java Applet]

Monetization [top]

How can you make money with your website?

Perl [top]

Larry Wall’s dynamic programming language.

Php [top]

Php the web programming language

  • Official Php site Search the php function list right from the main site, or better yet, download the complete docs.
  • Php Learn by using the example scripts they have (req. registration)
  • Hot Scripts Php scripts
  • Predefined variables See what’s in the $_SERVER array etc
  • CakePhp Like rails is to ruby. A rapid development framework for Php.
  • PEAR A framework of reusable Php components.
  • Smarty template engine A good template engine. I usually find them unnecessary, but Smarty has it’s fans.
  • ezSQL A database abstraction class for Php. Works with lots of DBs.

Promotion [top]

Get the word out about your site.

Python [top]

Google’s favorite programming language.

Reg Ex [top]

Regular Expressions

Robots / Spiders / Search [top]

Handling robots or adding search to your site

RSS/Atom feeds [top]

Learn about syndication. See also the blogging section. RSS => RDF Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication.

Ruby / RoR [top]

Ruby is a programming language, Ruby on Rails is a simple open source web application framework written in Ruby.

SEO / SEM [top]

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing & Online marketing / promotion in general

Servers [top]

Servers and server administration stuff. See also the Apache section.

  • Lighttpd A light-footprint, efficient HTTP server.
  • XAMPP A nice package for development work. Install Apache, MySQL, Php, PhpMyAdmin & more all in one go.

SPAM [top]

Dealing with SPAM

SQL [top]

All about SQL (mostly MySQL-specific stuff)

Statistics [top]

Server stats can be really useful

  • AWStats Open source stats generation
  • Analog Stats / logfile analyzer
  • Report magic Post processing for prettier output for Analog.
  • Google Analytics Formerly Urchin. Nice free analysis opportunity
  • Pollywog Java-based log analysis application [new]
  • Tracewatch Real-time stats & log analysis [free]
  • The Webalizer fast, free web server log file analysis program
  • Visitors GPL’d web log analyzer. Source code is free, compiled Windows binaries aren’t. You can compile the code yourself, if you want. [Thanks Bren] Glad my visitors don’t come from outer space.
  • Firestats Web statistics system. Integrates with different CMSs.

Tcl [top]

Tcl, Tcl/Tk

Tools [top]

There are lots of tools that didn’t seem to fit in the other categories

Tutorials, Examples, Code & Reference [top]

This is for sites that have lots of examples and tutorials, but don’t fit into one category for JS, CSS, Php etc.

  • Brainjar Tutorials for Javascript, DHTML, Asp, .NET, Java, & CSS
  • W3C Schools Tutorials & Reference on: HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, DOM, Php, WML & more.
  • DevShed Sections for all major programming languages
  • WDVL Web developer’s virtual library
  • Code Project’s web scripting section.
  • Dev Guru Quick references for most of the technologies in use for web development. Very useful.
  • GoToAPI Search a bunch of programming reference sites at once.

Validation, Cross-browser checking [top]

Make sure it validates and works in most browsers. See also the Mobile accessibility section for phone/pda-specific validators.

  • HTML 2 Txt See what your website looks like to a text-only browser such as lynx and some search engine spiders
  • W3C HTML validator
  • Jigsaw W3C CSS Validator
  • Backwards Compatibility Checker Delorie’s tool to see what your page looks like with various browser features disabled (Frames, JS, CSS etc)
  • Header Checker See what HTTP headers your site sends out, check for correct mime types, 301 redirection etc
  • Walidator Validate CSS, HTML, RSS, RDF, XHTML, etc
  • WebXCACT Test your site for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues
  • Favicon validator Make sure your favicon file, link etc are all working cross browser.
  • Selenium Test your web application across a wide range of web browsers. [free, open source] (Thx Ricky L.)
  • Vischeck Simulate different types of color vision and colorblindness to see what your webpage looks like to people with these conditions.
  • Color Filter See what a webpage looks like to the colorblind.

WebDAV [top]

Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (Thanks Dan M. for suggesting this)

Webmaster Forums [top]

Talk about what you’re doing

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