How to get Netflix and Hulu abroad

piaMany American expatriates have asked us how can they access HuluPlus and Netflix US abroad. Here is what you need to do.

  • Buy VPN service such as
  • Get a router that has L2PT protocol, look at side of box for that. TP Link worked fine for us, approximately $ 40
  • Set up a WiFi network using one of the US VPN addresses
  • Connect Apple TV to the WiFi network from the TP Link box
  • Restart your Apple TV

How do you get a valid HuluPlus account without a US credit card ? Get a US iTunes card when in the USA, and pay with iTunes. Some apps will not work no matter what : this is case for HBO and SkyNews.

Best iPhone Apps Ever

Here is a great selection of our favourite iPhone apps and with links to the iTunes Store. Read this article with your phone and follow the links! We’ve got suggestions for networking, reading, news, managing and getting things done, camera and video apps, music and radio, commerce, searching apps, foodie apps and note taking. Continue reading

Google Maps on IOS 6? Easy!

So your home town doesn’t show up where it should on Apple’s new maps application in IOS 6? Are you not entirely satisfied with the mapping precision of the new service? Is the satellite imagery not exactly what you expected? Do you feel Apple has let you down?

Don’t despair, there is a solution! And an elegant one at that. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Safari
  2. Go to this URL: – nice HTML 5 interface isn’t it?
  3. Press the action button
  4. Swipe to the next page and select: add to home screen.
  5. Voilà!

You now have two mapping applications: Apple’s native IOS6 and Google Maps courtesy of the web.

PS: don’t forget to turn on localization services for Safari.


iPhone Battery Losing Charge Rapidly?

One of us at the office – Blake of course – thought his iPhone’s battery had just lost its ability to charge. A full overnight charge would be gone in 5 to 6 hours. He had to keep the phone plugged in all the time, would often end up with a fully lost charge by early afternoon in traffic… Did he ruin the battery by having the phone plugged in the cigarette lighter all summer during a long road trip?

Why was the iPhone always warm in his pocket?

Well, turns out, after upgrading to the latest 4.2 iOS, using Push Email was a major battery drain! We had tried everything: turning off bluetooth, turning off Wifi, turning off location services… nothing seemed to do much except when we finally turned off Push Email Settings, especially since we had more than one email account – 6 in fact at the time. Now Blake has a full charge that remains in the upper 70 % all day despite many calls, facebook, twitter, email and shreddder (chess).

So turn off Push Email settings on your iPhone and thank us later. We on the other hand, would like to thank the Battery App from – it is simply the best app with a great number of integrated tips.

You Can Put Newsstand in a Folder!

Did you manage to finally get past that nasty error that kept us all away from iOS 5 all day? By 8 PM, the infamous “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An internal error has occurred.” was history and we managed to install iOS 5 on our iPhones and iPads.

Then we discovered a new type of app, one that refuses to go into a folder. That’s because Newsstand is a folder! Finally this afternoon, we heard of a hack that can move Newsstand into a folder. It’s a little tricky, you have to be quick, but this is the procedure : Take two apps and go to create a folder. The very second the apps are in the folder and it’s doing the folder creation animation, drag Newsstand into the folder. If you’re you’re quick enough Newsstand will go into the folder!

Don’t start it from here, it’ll crash the springboard. But, if like us, you don’t use it and don’t want more than one screen full of icons and folders, then away it goes!

Nightmare in Montreal

Two of us here at WebsiteForensics spent 32 days on a road-trip down to the East Coast of Canada. It was bliss: the people, the places, the food. This is Canada’s best kept secret.

Unfortunately, on our way through Montreal, we thought it would be a great idea to stop by the Atwater Marché for some produce. That’s when it happened: a smash and grab. In just a few minutes, our laptop, cameras, backpacks were stolen. All our pictures had been downloaded to the computer, so there we were with bags of apples and carrots but no pictures from our trip save the 200 or so still on the camera they didn’t manage to steal. What a nightmare.

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Our Review of The iPad

We finally got our hands on a couple of WiFi iPads and have been giving them to some of the toughest users possible: our friends. We gave the iPad, without explanation to one friend of ours who had never played with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Within minutes, our friend had figured out how to setup email, surf the web, create new windows, copy/paste, download applications … Now we can’t get it back.

When the iPad is not between sofa cushions, it is our friend’s favorite tool in the media room. Who needs a laptop when you just want to lookup IMDB or Youtube? The obvious complaints are about no Flash and not being able to print. I/O issues were never really part of the conversation as the Internet and the Network provide ample exchange solutions. Blake, who also got his hands on an iPad confided in us… it’s now his favorite bathroom magazine. Ick! He can keep his.

We’re going to pick up some Velcro this weekend and we’re seriously considering a 3G version of the iPad for a wicked road trip we’re planning this summer.

Will a six year old iTunes card still work?

Six years ago – a bunch of us went on a road trip and somebody bought a iTunes card somewhere between Chicago and St Louis. For reasons unknown, the card was lost – let’s say misplaced – and recently recovered.

We wondered, would this card still work? We’ve been burned so many times with gift cards that died, lost their remaining balance or went mysteriously empty after a few months (phone cards are the worst) – so naturally we were skeptical.

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