UnBlock Us

image_web 2015-03-30 à 11.30.31Yes we’re in love with UnBlock Us. This is not just some VPN provider, it’s much more subtle. By using their own DNS, they set themselves up as the middle men between you and any streaming service provider. We’ve used a number of VPS services before using UnBlock Us, many have been severely curbed by various streaming sites, but since we’ve been using UnBlock US, it’s been easy sailing. Find out more https://www.unblock-us.com/

“There’s no obligation whatsoever. But once you get freedom, you may not want to go back – especially when the price of freedom is so low. Only $4.99 a month, or $49.90 a year!”



How to get Netflix and Hulu abroad

piaMany American expatriates have asked us how can they access HuluPlus and Netflix US abroad. Here is what you need to do.

  • Buy VPN service such as PrivateInternetAccess.com
  • Get a router that has L2PT protocol, look at side of box for that. TP Link worked fine for us, approximately $ 40
  • Set up a WiFi network using one of the US VPN addresses
  • Connect Apple TV to the WiFi network from the TP Link box
  • Restart your Apple TV

How do you get a valid HuluPlus account without a US credit card ? Get a US iTunes card when in the USA, and pay with iTunes. Some apps will not work no matter what : this is case for HBO and SkyNews.

Is your WordPress Site being used to attack others?

Capture d’écran 2014-03-11 à 11.24.19 PMPlease check out the Sucuri Scanner Engine to find out if YOUR blog has been used for this massive DDOS : “Lately we are seeing many legitimate and clean WordPress sites being misused on DDOS attacks. We explain in more detail in our blog how it can happen. Example of site being misused: here. If you have any questions, please contact us at labs@sucuri.net or hit us on Twitter – @Sucuri_Security. We will check if it is found in our logs”

Please visit SUCURI’s Engine today !


Software Every Computer Should Have

1. Browsers and extensions

  • Firefox – Currently The Best Browser Out There
  • Chrome – A close second
  • Adblock Plus – Blocks Ads
  • ProxTube – Circumvent Blocked Youtube videos.
  • Speed Dial – Allows fast access to your most visited websites.
  • NoScript – Add-on (for Firefox) which allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted sites.
  • TinEye browser plugin – Reverse search an image.

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An EMC Proven Professional Certification Provides Many Benefits

certifiedEMC prides itself as a leader in career versatility. Their education and certification program is a great way for any content storage and management professional to gain important knowledge, learn and advance vital skills, and get a true understanding of specific storage-related roles in the IT career. What’s unique about EMC is the fact that their program does not just benefit the individual – it also benefits the company. It makes the job search easy for the employer, as an EMC certification is a standard of competency in the storage field. By earning a certification, individuals will have validated their skills and proven their proficiency to work effectively in a popular area of IT.

The benefits of earning an EMC certification are evident for both team members and team leaders. As a content management professional who is looking to improve your career, a certification added to your resume can mean higher credibility, productivity, and distinction in a field yearning for reliable and skilled professionals. Your confidence will be boosted as a result, as will your career; by earning certification you can be promoted from an individual contributor with little recognition to a strategic technology adviser in your company, a role that offers importance and numerous financial, job and career benefits.

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How to make fake Facebook profiles in 10 steps

We do not condone, nor do we suggest anyone make fake Facebook profiles. You should always refer to Facebook’s Terms and Principles. The following information is for educational purposes only.

It’s no secret that Facebook has been cracking down hard on fake profiles. Any number of actions can set off the dreaded checkpoint verification system. If you want  to create a number of fake Facebook profiles, you will need a number of tools and remember some basic rules.

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That Annoying Windows 8 Song

Stop searching for it. We know you’ve been curious about that rather annoying see-sawing melody and leopard-spot wearing singer featured in the Windows 8 commercial of late. The artist in this bubble-gum video is known as Lenka (Lenka Kripac), an Australian singer–songwriter. 

Below is Windows’ current commercial. A longer version of the song “Everything At Once” can be found here. .

Best iPhone Apps Ever

Here is a great selection of our favourite iPhone apps and with links to the iTunes Store. Read this article with your phone and follow the links! We’ve got suggestions for networking, reading, news, managing and getting things done, camera and video apps, music and radio, commerce, searching apps, foodie apps and note taking. Continue reading